Do you want to realize an Idea? Do you own a real estate and would you like to use it expedient?
Do you plan a project and need a partner who profitably realizes this project for you? Are you at
the very beginning of your considerations and are looking for a competent interlocutor who listens
to you and understands you, who is fun to talk to and who is making the best out of your project?
Or would you like to just simply and successfully finish a project?
You are an investor; we are developmental
partners and managers. We are Thilo Knöchel
(left side), Hadi Teherani and Jürgen Wilhelm
(right side) as well as well-rehearsed teams of
further construction and industrial engineers
in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt on
the Main.

Thilo KnöchelHadi TeheraniJürgen Wilhelm
HADI TEHERANI CONSULTANTS stand for a unique attitude. It is unique, because you cannot easily adopt to it. We have developed whole-hearted hundreds of projects. Nowadays we are absolutely convicted that attitude leads straight towards the future. To the solution. To the result. To gains. Finished.
We think and act interdisciplinary, work and live for the project and always see the entire issue.